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We believe in organic, sustainable farming. This means we use only organic and untreated seeds, and work alongside nature, not against it.  Many current practices in today's agriculture destroys soil nutrients, and harms beneficial organisms, microbes, amphibians, insects and birds directly or indirectly.  We adhere to, or exceed NOP (National Organic Practices) standards and guidelines. Spraying pesticide, even those accepted by the USDA in Certified Organic produce, can disrupt this natural cycle. 

When we started the farm, we nursed it back from years of being rented out to crop farms. It has been an awakening experience watching the eco-system slowly come back to life. Not only have we witnessed the soil texture and color change as it returned to nutrient-rich soil- we now have amphibians, birds, and many beneficial insects, where a few years ago there was none. We believe this as a testament to how farming can coincide with the eco-system. We believe in transparency and honesty- all plants and produce are grown by us on our farm. 

Praying Mantis
Leopard Frog
Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly
Killdeer Chick
Polyphemus Moth
Spreading cover crops
Black Swallowtail
Snapping Turtle
Savannah Sparrow
Rye Cover
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