How Country Roots Came to Be

In 1957 our Grandparents moved out of Detroit after saving up enough money, and bought a 50 acre farm in Riley Center (Riley Township), where they returned to their farming roots.  They provided for themselves and their five children through farming field crops, a small vineyard and orchard, a dairy herd, beef, hogs, sheep, lamb, and poultry, along with a host of other animals. The farm continued to be operational throughout our childhood, and along with our other grandparents' home orchard, where we began our love and appreciation of growing our own food.  We spent many fond days helping our grandma in the poultry yard and in her garden and playing with all the animals- it was a great place to be a kid.  In our pre and early teens, we began to start our own farming ventures, haying the old fields and growing pumpkins to sell.

With both sides of our family having orchards and gardens, we grew up eating and growing fresh produce, a tradition we continued for ourselves throughout our teen years and into adulthood. In 2010, we began a new adventure and founded Country Roots Farm on 16 acres of the original farm, implementing organic practices, and returning the fields back to the way our grandparents' first found them.

From 2011 until 2019 we grew produce and operated our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Starting in 2020 we ventured into new territory growing Hemp for CBD production, as well as offering growing services. 


Dad on old Massey- 1970



Harvesting Pumpkins -1996


Ry and Bren- 2010


Grandpa Y watching over the fields- 2011


Bren helping plant seedlings- 2011


Pumpkins!! - 2012


Steph Driving Tractor- 2013


Jess and Ry Planting- 2014


Boys at work- 2015



Boys at work- 2015